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AT GROUP recently announces the project named DEFI – ATBank – Digital Bank is one of the decentralized financial applications – Decentralized Finance (DEFI) and receives great attention from the community of cryptocurrency investors.

DEFI The fiscal trend of the future

Decentralized Finance (DEFI) application have been founded for a long time and quickly dominated the Blockchain market. It can be said that DEFI brings the most dynamic and powerful applications and services available on the market such as: peer-to-peer loan services, the DApp application, decentralized exchanges, digital banks, etc. With advantages such as do not require any intermediaries or arbitration, cost savings, transparency, platforms of decentralized finance (DEFI) have been continuously created and have increased by 200% since the first quarter of 2019.

DEFI – ATBANK DIGITAL – Digital bank application

The explosion of DEFI application is a factor which boosts ATBANK Dgital to create DEFI ATBANK DIGITAL – digital bank with only DEFI was created to meet the needs of the market with the digitizing services from infrastructure to how to serve customers

Pioneering in technology, anticipating future trends, ATBANK DIGITAL, a UK-based digital bank was developed, this is the first digital bank in the world which applied Blockchain platform to increase security, reduce fees, and optimize customer services.

ATBANK DIGITAL is developed by AT GROUP (UK) LIMITED at the address BROOKLANDS PLACE BROOKLANDS ROAD SALE CHESHIRE ANGLAND M33 3SD, United Kingdom. With the motto: “In just a few minutes, with no need for branches or paperwork”. you absolutely do not need to go to the bank, or use any paper for your banking activities. Just open the ATBANK DIGITAL app and use it to complete transactions in just a few seconds.

With its advantages, ATBANK Digital is considered as one of the future fiscal trends in digital banking field.

Manage – Save – Raise your capital

Increase profits by savings

ATBANK DIGITAL is a digital bank that allows you to deposit and receive many potential coins that you want to keep and wait until the price increases, which helps you increase profits every day while you still retain assets.

In addition to saving deposits to increase profits, customers can also deposit coins to receive 70% – 80% value.

Another highlight of ATBANK DIGITAL is that it owns AI Robot Auto Trade that can be used on Binance to ensures continuously increasing profits for digital banks every day.

The difference of ATBANK DIGITAL is that it does not depend on the fundraising fund, it has owned a stable revenue source from the existing lending and real estate channels. This has further affirmed the potential for sustainable and long-term development of ATBANK DIGITAL than other projects. Right from the launching time, ATBANK DIGITAL has been able to implement the project and enhance the value of the project to bring profits to investors.

Increase profits with attractive commissions

Operating under WIN – WIN principle, the more ATBANK DIGITAL develops, the more opportunities that investors have to receive profits from attractive commission policies such as investment policy, referral policy, resonance policy, leadership commissions. Investors’ capital shall quickly increase to 5 times 10 times higher.

Increase profits with ATB Token

ATBANK DIGITAL intends to launch ATB Token as the official payment method.

According to review of financial experts, ATBANK DIGITAL’s ecosystem shall soon spread and replace traditional banks thanks to its superior features. With that, the demand for ATB Token shall increase but the reserve of only 29 million will boost the price of ATB Token by 10 to 100 times compared to the price at lauching time.

Not only that, listing ATB Token on exchanges shall make ATB Token be the most trading and growth rate currency with Binance’s BNB.

With the tremendous growth, ATB Token is sure to attract all investors from all walks of life from professional to amateur.

It can be said that ATBANK DIGITAL is a digital banking project among the pioneer group of advanced electronic money application projects. At the end of 2020, ATBANK Dgital shall launch an ICO to help investors own more ATB Token. After 2 years of developing the ATBANK DIGITAL system, it will officially launch and serve users worldwide.

For more details about the project, please visit the following official ATBANK DIGITAL media channels :

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